The River Deck Menu Breakfast Lunch Dinner


Served 7 days a week from 8am-11:30am

‘Silver Creek’ Sourdough with condiments 6 LP, GFO
Cold Chia Porridge, almond milk, coconut, seed ‘n nuts ‘n berries 14
House-made Banana Bread or Sourdough Fruit Toast, condiments 6.5
Breakfast Taco, curried jackfruit, vegan mayonnaise, avocado, salsa 8ea
Smashed Avocado, watermelon, mint oil, pumpkin seeds, Persian fetta, smoked labneh, tomato, sourdough 18 V, VGN(Opt)
Vegetable Pakora, carrot hummus, mango & corn salsa, chilli caramel macadamia nut 16.5 VGN, GF
The Deck, organic eggs, rosti, house baked beans,local mushrooms & bacon, smoked tomato, ‘Pacdon Park’ black pudding & sausage 25
Hollandaise eggs, smashed curry peas, local smoked bacon, chimi curri, lemon 17.5
Mansfield trout, house pastrami-cured, rosti, poached eggs, asparagus, wakame 18.5
Buttermilk pancake, caramelised banana, poached pear, dulce de leche gelato, berry mayonnaise, seed ‘n nut 18
Chickpea-omelette, mushrooms, asparagus, pickled red onions, local macadamia ‘cheese’, tomato, herb salad 17 V, VGN, GFO
Eggs (your choice of fried, scrambled or poached) LP or Tofu scramble, sourdough, butter 10.5
Egg (x2) ‘n bacon bun, toasted brioche, bbq sauce, tomato, pickle 13 GFO


Gluten-free bread, Extra Sourdough, Relish, Hollandaise 2 ea
Egg, Sausage, Persian Fetta, Mushrooms, Rösti 3.5 ea
House Baked Beans, Black Pudding 4 ea
Local Smoked Bacon, Avocado 5 ea
Cured Trout w/ wakame 6


Handmade daily, exclusively in-house from 11.30am to 2:30pm

Tapas  (avail till 5:30pm Fri & Sat)
Wymah Oranic Olives n sourdough 8.5
Garlic naan bread, cumin smoked yoghurt 9.5
Vegetables fritters, n relish 10.5
Bruschetta of the day (2) 7
Chicken wings, korean sauce, sesame 12
Chips nachos, sourcream, cheese, salsa 12
Crispy soft shell crab, pickles, lemon, chilli sauce 14
Pork ribs, smoked bbq sauce, mango n corn salsa 15
Freshly Shucked oysters, condiments 18/32
Pickled baby octopus, preserved lemons, olive tapenade 14
Beer & Potato Croquette (4) 13
Willowbank Beetroot Salad, persian fetta, mint 12
Smoked Hake brandade au gratin, toasted sourdough 16
Garlic prawn salad, lemon 14
Trout pastrami, avo, wakame, bloody mary 12
Pork belly, carrot, waldorf salad 13
Chicken salad, tomato vinaigrette, wombuk, crispy noodles 13
Quinoa & cauliflower, carrot hummus, pomegranate dressing 14
Smoked eel mousse, apple gel, consommé 22
Steak tartare, sake, cured yolk, radish, herbs 18

House Gnocchi, pesto, petit pois, courgettes, carrot hummus, crumbed salted ricotta 25 V, GF
Milawa Chicken Breast, wilted greens, mash, roast cherry tomato dressing 27.5 LP
Whitton Murray Cod, petit pois à la Française, bacon, lettuce, garlic butter 36.5
Double baked Milawa Duck, house-spices, moghrabieh, petit vegetables, chimmi churri 32.5 LP
Eye fillet, smoked tomato, potato, side salad, pepper sauce 39 GF
Squid, salt ‘n pepper, green mango, pickled chilli & carrot, beanshoots, Vietnamese dressing 25 GFO

Platters  (avail till 5:30pm Fri & Sat)(served with toasted sourdough bread)
Cured meats, local & house-made, condiments 28
Regional (200km) cheese platter, fruit paste, crackers 28 LP
Chefs daily appetizers (selection) 28

River Deck Classics
Wagyu brisket baguette (200g), pickles, chilli sauce, lettuce, chips 23.5
Pork belly (180g) burger, relish, bbq sauce, chips, brioche bun, salad,tomato, chilli egg 24.5
Beer battered flathead, house salad, tartare sauce, pickle, smashed curry peas, chips 28


Chips, rosemary salt, Aioli 7.5
Local lettuce, tomato, fetta, avocado, herbs, dressing 8 GF
Market veg, roasted garlic, toasted almonds 8 GFO


White Chocolate Catalana, local beries, vanilla ice cream 14
Yuzu burnt cream, poached pear, dehydrated citrus, burnt segments 14
Caramelised Banana Split, ice-cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, poached pear 14

Please note, this is an indicative menu and is subject to change on a daily basis. BYO Cakes incur a $3.5 charge pp. No BYO alcohol please.

 The River Deck Albury, Cured Swordfish