Served 7 days a week from 8am-11:30am

Toasted sourdough LP, (GFO), Milawa fruit toast LP or Banana Bread LP ‘n spreads 6

House Paneer (Indian Cheese) butter masala, spinach, roasted cashew, crispy okra, coriander, roti, raita 17 V, GF

Warm organic chia porridge, sliced seasonal fruits, crushed macadamian nut, goji berry 14 VGN, DF, GF

E ‘n B roll, fried egg LP, bacon LP, tomato, relish, bbq sauce, pickle 13 GFO

Breakfast tacos (3), jackfruit ‘n aloo curry, house vegan mayo, corn salsa, lime coriander 16 VGN, GF

Smashed avo, sourdough, tomato, chilli jam, candied walnuts, persian fetta 18 VGN(Opt)

‘Almar’ organic veg bowl, stir fry, tofu, cashew, sesame, coconut oil 17 VGN, DF, ORG

Mansfield Trout LP, beetroot-cured, rösti, poached eggs, pesto, beetroot, orange, bitter leaves, fennel 18.5

Vegetable fritters, ‘pakora-style’, mizuna leaves, hummus, crushed peanuts, cashew raita 16.5 VGN, GF, DF

Eggs Benedict, Kilmuir pasture-raised eggs LP, bacon LP, spinach, cornbread

English muffins LP, hollandaise, soft herbs 17.5

The Deck, Kilmuir pasture-raised eggs LP, rösti, house baked beans,

Wagunyah mushrooms LP & local streaky bacon LP, roasted tomato,

English black pudding LP & sausage, spinach 27

Buttermilk pancakes, double-cream, seasonal poached ‘n fresh fruits,

Canadian maple syrup, crushed pistachios 18

Vegan chickpea ‘crêpe’, mushrooms, spinach, organic plant-based cheese LP, tomato, herb salad, shaved fennel 17.5 VGN, GF, GF

Eggs LP, pasture-raised LP ‘n toast 12 GFOLocal Sourdough with condiments 6 LP, GFO


GF bread (2), Sourdough(2), Relish, Hollandaise, Tomato 2 ea
Pasture-Raised Egg(1), Sausage(1), Persian Fetta, Mushrooms, Rösti 3.5 ea
House Baked Beans, Black Pudding 4 ea
Local Smoked Bacon, 1/2 Avocado 5 ea


Handmade daily, exclusively in-house from 11.30am to 2:30pm


Olives, Wymah Organic LP, sourdough 7 VGN, GF

Octopus, paprika, preserved lemons, tapenade, bruschetta 6.5ea GFO, DF

Garlic roti bread, dips 12

Vegetables fritters, cucumber raita 12 VGN

Arancini, 3-Cheese, aioli 14 V

Cheese Platter, condiments 12 (1) or 28 (3)


Soup, toasted bread 14

Beetroot salad, goat cheese mousse, celery, potato, candied walnuts,

pommegranate dressing 15

‘Almar’ organic veg bowl, stir fry, tofu, cashew, sesame,

coconut oil 17 VGN, DF, ORG, LP

Crispy chicken salad, chopped cos lettuce, quinoa, japanese chilli,

mayonnaise, dressing 16

Quinoa salad, lentils, roasted vegetables,

Thai lemon-coconut curry dressing 16 VGN, GF, DF

Cured mansfield troutLP, citrus-cured, avocado, beetroot, kimchi, linseed

crisps, orange gel 16.5

Riverina pork belly LP, Australian black lentils, masterstock,

smoked bacon LP, pickled lime, 15.2

Jackfruit ‘n potato curry tacos (3), salsa, vegan mayo, lime 16.5 VGN


Wagyu beef burger (180g), tomato, beetroot, pickle, lettuce, aioli, relish, bun 17 add Chips 3, add bacon 2, add egg 3.5

House-made ricotta gnocchi, mushroom ragout, persian fetta, crisps 25.5 V, GF

Squid, salt n pepper, mizuna & local lettuce salad, cucumber, carrot,

coriander, roasted peanuts, vietnamese dressing 26 GFO

Lamb-shank pie, roasted vegetables, lamb gravy, butter puff pastry 26.5

‘Murray Pure’ grass-fed scotch steak LP (250gm), celeriac remoulade, slowcooked carrot, garlic butter 35

Beer battered flathead, house salad, tartare sauce, pickle, mushy minty peas, chips 28

Massaman beef curry, fragrant steamed rice, okra, chat potatoes, chilli jam, coriander 27


Chips, rosemary salt, mayonnaise 8
Gnangara LP lettuce, zucchinni, pickles, radishes, organic olives 9 GF

Organic Market Vegetables, roasted garlic 9 GFO


Chocolate fondant, brandy custard, honeycomb 14

French toast, rhubarb, double cream, orange gel, roasted apple 14

Indian rice pudding (kheer), warm, pistachios, rum & raisin gelato GF 14

Please note, this is an indicative menu and is subject to change on a daily basis. Our kitchen is not allergen free but our team will endeavour to meet your needs. We appreciate one bill per table and no alterations during busy periods. Surcharges apply for card payments. No BYO Wine or food please. Cakeage charge of $3.5pp applies