Weddings at The River Deck

The summer heat is (hopefully) behind us as Brides and Grooms get ready to take the big step!

The River Deck is a bit of a chameleon.  During the day it gets on with the job of delivering top-quality dishes with efficient and friendly service.  Every so often (and with more and more regularity), it then transforms itself into a dedicated function centre.  Like Cinderella’s fairy godmother, a magical wand is waved across the room and it’s transformed into a beautiful room, ready to host and deliver the perfect wedding reception for the Prince and Princess.

There are two main wedding seasons in Albury; September/October and March/April.  Generally, couples book about a year in advance to lock in their preferred date.

From the dedicated Function Coordinator, experienced waitstaff, exceptional food, everything comes together to provide an unforgettable wedding in Albury.  Brash DJ’s, relaxed string quartets and acoustic soloists have all accompanied the party at different times.  Dance floors on the deck overlooking Noreuil park and the Murray River give the party an exceptional point of difference.

Visitors to the area can be accommodated in a number of different high quality venues in Albury-Wodonga.  The Atura Hotel, Hovell Tree Best Western and Quest venues are as good as those in the big cities and work in partnership with The River Deck.

The River Deck and Noreuil Park offer spectacular opportunities for those special wedding photos.  Wander around and relax while absorbing the fact that you’ve just made the biggest commitment of your life!  A number of exceptional photographers and videographers work with us to capture the best moments.  Have a look at some of our past events.

Call us to discuss how we can best help you have an unforgettable wedding! 0260235980

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