Spot the Difference: Sit Down, Feasting or Cocktail

A question we get asked a lot is what style of function should you choose, so our Functions Coordinator decided to break it down for you!

Sit Down


  • This is the most formal option for your wedding or function, which generally has a very clear structure for the night.
  • Depending on your personal taste, it can be easier to choose just two entrees and two mains, rather than 7+ different canapés.


  1. It’s like sitting in the car for a 3 hour drive! It’s a great idea to have entertainment, games or activities for your guests to be a part of during the evening, giving them the chance to get up and move around. This could also include hosting your speeches and first dance between courses to keep guests engaged and keep the energy high and bright.
  2. We definitely recommend having a seating plan, or allocated tables to save confusion and hurt guests.



  • Share platters! In a nutshell, the menu at feasting style functions is served on share platters like you would sit down to a family meal.
  • Ice Breaker – Feasting encourages guests to get to know the person sitting next to them, breaking the ice by asking if they can pass the salad.
  • Great for fussy eaters and big eaters! Share platters allow your guests to pick and choose what they would like to eat and how much, which is great if they don’t really like a certain element or menu item!


  1. Keep it simple! We have stands that the main platters sit on which are placed between every 4-5 guests. These don’t take up a huge amount of room, but are definitely something to consider when planning table centrepieces or decorations. We have had beautiful floral garlands woven through the stands to incorporate them into the decor, and it worked really well!
  2. See above – there’s still a lot of sitting down involved!



  • Let’s get casual! Cocktail style functions can still be formal (dress code, styling etc.) however the serving of food is less formal. People can pick and choose what they would like to try.
  • Menu – Treat yourself and your guests to a variety of flavours from across the globe in one night!
  • Plenty of food! We purposely avoid the old saying about cocktail functions, and ensure that there is plenty of food for you and your guests. It’s really important to us that you leave full and happy! So we have a variety of substantial options like sliders, pizzas, platters and noodle boxes on our menu to fill everyone up!
  • Mingle with whomever, you are free to move around and chat to all of your guests in your own time.


  1. Your bestie in heels and Nana! With no designated seating arrangements, your guests can mingle with whomever they like. But don’t forget that not everyone will be happy standing all night long, so it’s important to ensure that there is some seating such as high bars and stools or cosy little corners where guests can rest their dancing shoes. (It’s also a great idea to put on your invitation the style of function so guests can dress appropriately.)

We hope this break down helps you make the best choice for you and your function!

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Photography by The Bower Co, Bang Event Co and Luke Chisolm Photography.

Dinner in Albury Wodonga

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Currently closed on Mondays and Tuesdays as the restaurant fine-tunes its breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, by spring the owners hope to be open seven days.

Some of the lunch offerings today include eye-fillet steak served with mushroom, tomato, spinach and a choice of Béarnaise or red wine sauce; slow-cooked pork belly with chestnut spaetzle; and ricotta gnocchi with herbed-sautéed garlic mushrooms, spinach, creamed pesto and parmesan. Dishes range from $14 (soup) to $30 (Riverine premium scotch steak).

I recommend sitting outside on the deck, which overlooks the park and the water. Despite the serene location and upmarket menu, the River Deck is extremely child-friendly and there is a large playground outside as well.

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